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The wide, deep bowl of the red wine glass is designed with plenty of swirling room as well as giving it the ability to increase the rate of oxidation. Oxygen chemically interacts with wine which subtly changes it's aroma and flavor.     The white wine glass exhibits a
smaller bowl than the red-wine
glass, as there is less need to
aerate white wine.
    The narrow shape of this glass preserves the bubbles and directs them up the glass. The long stem of the glass is designed to prevent the heat from the hands from warming the bubbly.     Burgundy wines release their
aromas very quickly so this glass
was designed with a wider bowl
allowing maximum exposure to air.




This large glass, with it's gently tapering sides provides maximum contact with the air, allowing the aroma and flavor of red Bordeaux
and similar wines to develop.
    Port is traditionally served in small quantities, and this slip patering glass allows you to serve the correct quantity while allowing room in the bowl to swirl and appreciates the vintage port's complex bouquet.     The narrow and slightly tapering
shape of this glass, which is
called a copita is perfect for capturing enhanced-aromas.
This glass is used to serve
sherry, port, aperitifs and liqueurs.
    ISO wine tasting glasses are
specifically designed to be used
across a wide spectrum of wine
styles allowing you to sample all
wines using just the one glass.

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