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The information provided the below is designed to to enhance your wine country experience.


Always wear comfortable clothing (especially shoes) when visiting wineries. If taking tours, you must keep in mind that you will be visiting some dirty, dusty areas such as vineyards, barrels & cellars. In addition to comfortable clothing, colognes and perfumes should not be worn as they interfere with your sense of smell as well as the olfactory senses of everyone around you


It is best to avoid visiting any winery with buses, shuttles or limos parked in front. A busy tasting
room can hinder your experience no matter how much you enjoy the wine. You should never discount these wineries completely; return to the location when the environment seems a little
more calm and inviting.


Even if a tasting appointment is not required, you are well advised to call ahead if you have 6 or more individuals in your party. Some tasting rooms are small with limited staffing and may not
be able to accommodate your group on a walk in basis even if they do not normally require an appointment.


Various wineries are child and dog friendly however, please be mindful of other tasters before you consider bringing them along. Disruptive behavior can hinder the wine tasting experience for other guests.


It is not uncommon for family wineries to have have their pets roaming around their facilities. If you
are afraid of or are allergic to animals (mainly dogs & cats) you may want to contact the winery to
find out if they have pets on their grounds. This will allow you to take proper precautions or even avoid the venue altogether.


All wine regions are considered "Tourist Attractions" therefore prices for items such as food,
beverages and even lodging rates will be higher than average. It is not uncommon for a simple burger to cost as much as $15 at some fast food type eateries. If you are working with limited
funds, our budget pages do provide several good options for those looking to save a little cash.


Most wineries are not open on major holidays. If you are visiting during a holiday and have plans
to wine taste, you are well advised to contact the wineries prior to your trip to wine country.


Before you visit any of the venues featured on this site, it is always best to do your homework. We
advise you to check public reviews on sites such as Yelp.com & Tripadvisor before you visit. This
will give you a better idea of how well certain businesses are run. The featured venues on this site were compiled by exceptional public reviews as well as personal experiences. Hospitality, quality
of the product, comfort & aesthetics of the location resulting in the overall experience were the factors when choosing our featured venues.


If you are feeling intoxicated, it's a good idea to sit one out. Even the most hospitable wineries do
not tolerate boisterous, obnoxious behavior of any kind (especially from large groups). Most wineries will let their guests share tastings and some even provide non-alcoholic beverages
such as water or coffee to designated drivers.


Most people know the dangers of drinking & driving, however, in wine country, it is much easier to acquire a DUI than other areas. We do not advocate drinking & driving and hope everyone stays
safe and has an enjoyable wine country experience!

  Please Drink Responsibly



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